About MEI :

Motor Engineering Industries popularly known as MEI is a HI-TECH Engineering and Electrical Equipment manufacturing company. Established in the year 1996, It started producing Quality Electro Magnetic Brakes, Clutches and Brake Motors. In its manufacturing range of products industrial Brakes, special purpose electrical motors and Electrical equipment, MEI is constantly upgrading the models using innovative technology to go in line with modern machines. The clientele list of the company encompasses 276 actual users and people of repute in their respective trade. The company is expected to reach 70% from 30% of the share it enjoys in the market today. This target has an eye on foreign buyers also through direct export.

Infrastructure :

MEI is an ISO 9001-2000 company Geographically located in Coimbatore, a Hi-tech industrial city with world class machine tools facilities.

MEI has ERP (Entrepreneur Resources Planning) software installed for delivery of goods in prompt time at the lowest possible cost, R&D for designing new product on customer's specific need and constant improvement of existing products to go in line with changing technology. Quality Control Department inspects right from the Design board to end product in all stages to eliminate wastage and improve quality. Finally, professionally trained Marketing Sales department staff cater to the customer's demand in time.

Products :

Our Range of products are Brake Motor, Conical type Brake motors (DemagType), Electromagnetic Brakes, Clutches, Pneumatic Brakes, Clutches, Special purpose electrical motors, fluid couplings Blowers and customer specified electrical equipment.

Our range of products in textile industries for all models and make of machinery we are manufacturing all type of Brake motors, Motors, Brakes, clutches and Fluid couplings.

Objective :

Manufacturing quality, maintenance free, Innovative products on par with changing Industrial trend, of high working performance to suit the customers exact application level requirements at the lowest possible cost and prompt delivery.