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DC-Com Chain

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Basic equipment with quality

Applications :

The performance range of the new DC-Com chain hoist is tailored to applications for normal requirements – just right for everyday use. And it also has all the features you expect from a high-quality Demag product.

DC-Com units can be easily integrated into the Demag KBK crane construction kit rail system. The new generation of U11/U22 trolleys provides smooth transport of your loads on I beam girders.

Benefits :
  • Simple commissioning
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Service friendly
  • FEM classification 1Am and 2m
  • 24V contactor control
  • Two hoist speeds as standard
Extended scope of functions with DC Pro :

The DC-Pro product range offers an extended spectrum of functions and options for a wider range of applications.

DC-Pro Chain

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The new industry standard

With the newly developed DC-Pro chain hoist, we meet our own high standards in terms of quality and innovation. At the same time, we also provide what you expect from the market leader. The Demag DC-Pro chain hoist enables you to achieve high productivity by means of smooth and sensitive handling.


You can operate the DC-Pro in two variants: as the DC chain hoist with a DSC control pendant or as the DCM-Pro Manulift for quickly handling loads with only one hand. A variety of proven load handling attachments facilitate optimum and flexible adaptation of the chain hoist to meet the needs of your application.

  • Two lifting speeds as standard
  • Higher performance
  • "All inclusive" features in the standard version at no extra cost
  • "Plug & Lift" - all connections are simply plugged in
  • Greater ergonomics
  • Even longer service life, main parts require no maintenance for up to ten years
  • Service friendly: all relevant components are integrated beneath a cover
  • Monitored brake/clutch system - no load slipping or dropping
  • Rapid replacement of the chain drive without having to remove the motor or gear parts
  • First control pendant switch for chain hoists with variable adjustment of the position
  • Clear overview of the relevant operating parameters by means of dialogue interface and elapsed operating time counter
Chain hoists as system components

You can, of course, also integrate DC-Pro chain hoists and DCM-Pro Manulift units into the Demag KBK crane construction kit in your application. The new Demag chain hoist develops its full performance on the U 11 trolley.


The new Demag chain hoist develops its full performance on the U 11 trolley:

  • Simple and variable adjustment to the flange width (2 ranges: 58 mm to 200 mm and 58 mm to 310 mm)
  • Universal travel wheels for all common steel profile section girders
  • Lateral guide rollers made of steel
  • For curve radii from 1000 mm
E trolley

The E11/E22 offers the following features:

  • Electronic control with wide voltage range input 220 - 460 V / 50 + 60 Hz
  • 24 V control voltage, internal tri-state signal transfer to DC chain hoist
  • Travel speeds up to 24/6 m/min (partial load up to 30/7.5 m/min)
  • All electrical connections are of plug-in design
  • Smooth starting via ramps
  • E11 / E22 is fitted to the relevant U11 / U22 trolley
  • E22 can also be fitted to the RF 125 friction wheel travel drive

E11/E22 units are shipped ready for operation. The following settings are also possible :

  • Travel speed, acceleration and braking parameters via DSE-C control pendant
  • Load-sway damping can be activated for the cross travel motion
  • How demanding overhead handling solutions are put into practice.


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More efficiency for cranes

Optimised for crane applications, the new Demag EKDR rope hoist meets all the requirements for state-of-the-art hoists for tomorrow's needs. Besides the space-saving design and particularly long service life, it also offers you a higher lifting speed for faster handling rates – comprehensive standard features with outstanding value for money.

  • Higher hoist speed for faster handling
  • Greater efficiency thanks to higher availability
  • Compact design for optimum utilization of space
Safety and efficiency down to the last detail
  • Low-vibration, quiet-running motor
  • Fast acting brake
  • Gearbox lubricated for life
  • Protective rope guide
  • Frequency inverter for stepless travel motions
  • Electrics featuring CAN bus technology
  • Precision geared limit switch
  • Overload protection
  • User-friendly bottom block
  • Ergonomically optimised controls
  • Double-rail crab and foot hoist
  • Extended applications

The new Demag DR 20 rope hoist now also up to 50 tonnes.


KBK Manipulator Crane

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Optimum ergonomic load handling - innovative and ready to meet tomorrow's needs

Double-girder suspension cranes can also be designed as manipulator cranes using KBK ergo components. They can be designed to meet the exact needs of the relevant loads, processes and production conditions.

  • Workpieces and sub-assemblies are moved into the most favourable positions for the relevant process
  • Workplaces, machinery and installations can be served from any direction
  • Operations can also be performed from outside the suspension area, thus increasing the operating range
Manipulator cranes: Innovative and ready to meet tomorrow's needs :

Based on KBK-I, KBK-II-L or KBK-II rails, manipulator cranes are built using selected KBK ergo components to meet your operating requirements. The special advantage of manipulator cranes is their ability to accommodate kick-up forces. You also benefit from greater positioning accuracy - at higher operating speeds. In this way, you can optimise handling operations in line with ergonomic requirements for maximum efficiency.

Fast upgrade

If you already have double-girder suspension cranes from the KBK classic crane construction kit, they can be easily and quickly extended with KBK ergo components to become manipulator cranes.

Jib Cranes

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Workplace cranes for loads up to 10000 Kg

Demag slewing jibs and cranes are a cost-saving addition to integrated handling systems. In some cases, this handling equipment is often the most economical solution. This applies to storage yards, on loading ramps or in buildings where other equipment cannot be installed due to structural limitations.

You benefit from Demag pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib cranes
  • Improved ease of operation
  • Maximum operating safety
  • Easy assembly
  • Delivery including complete electrical equipment
  • Lockable mains connection switch
D-MOS mobile pillar-mounted slewing crane (up to 500 kg)

Ideally suited for workplaces that are subject to frequent change, since the crane is easily adapted to new requirements, or can be simply relocated together with the workplace. The location of the crane can be ideally adapted to the process requirements of the given application. D-MOS cranes are also highly suitable for maintenance or conversion work.

KBK pillar-mounted slewing jib crane (up to 1000 kg)

KBK slewing cranes feature high load capacities and outreach in relation to their deadweight. The low weight enables the jib to be moved easily and the use of KBK hollow section rail as the crane girder provides for very low travel forces.

KBK pillar-mounted slewing jib cranes are also available in low-headroom design

The low headroom dimension results in a lifting height gain of 290 mm compared to the standard design. Whether for low-headroom applications, modernisation measures or changes in the use of the building, our "short" units are the perfect solution in many cases.

KBK pillar-mounted slewing crane with two jibs (up to 1000 kg)

Effective solution as a pillar-mounted slewing crane with two jibs for the same space requirement as slewing cranes with one jib. Four different jib arrangements are available for the perfect workplace design. The efficiency of specific process sequences can be improved and, at the same time, implemented economically.

D-AS pillar-mounted slewing jib crane (up to 2000 kg)

The light-weight design and low-headroom jib make this pillar-mounted slewing jib crane suitable for universal applications in the medium load range up to 2000 kg.

D-GS pillar-mounted slewing crane (up to 1000 kg)

Pillar-mounted slewing cranes offer a significant advantage wherever movement of the jib is not inhibited by walls, columns or similar obstacles: the slewing range covers n x 360°. D-GS pillar-mounted slewing cranes for loads weighing up to 1000 kg feature particularly low headroom and compact dimensions. They are ideally suited wherever maximum hook paths are required and only limited headrom is available.

D-TS pillar-mounted slewing crane (up to 5000 kg)

This slewing crane is the universal solution for the medium load range up to 5000 kg. The low-headroom jib provides for particularly long hook paths. It can also be powered by an optional electric slewing drive for ease of operation.

D-MS pillar-mounted slewing crane (up to 10000 kg)

This pillar-mounted slewing crane features a high load capacity for a long outreach. The low-headroom jib provides for particularly long hook paths. It can also be powered by an optional electric slewing drive for ease of operation.

KBK wall-mounted slewing jib (up to 1000 kg)

The decisive advantage of wall-mounted slewing jibs is that they require no floor space, since they are mounted on load-bearing concrete walls, pillars or machinery and installations. They are particularly easy to install, since the bracket is ready to be fitted as a unit and eliminates any complicated alignment work. KBK wall-mounted slewing jibs are suitable for the lower load range up to 1000 kg.

KBK wall-mounted slewing jibs are also available in low-headroom design

The low headroom dimension results in a lifting height gain of 290 mm compared to the standard design. Whether for low-headroom applications, modernisation measures or changes in the use of the building, our "short" units are the perfect solution in many cases.

D-AW wall-mounted slewing jib (up to 2000 kg)

D-AW wall-mounted slewing jibs are suitable for universal applications in the lower load range up to 2000 kg. The low deadweight makes it easy to move the jib even under load. Thanks to their low headroom dimension, they can also be used wherever long hook paths are needed in spite of a low ceiling height.

D-GW wall-mounted slewing jib (up to 10000 kg)

Designed for use with Demag chain hoists or Demag rope hoists in connection with their low-headroom jib and high load capacity, D-GW wall-mounted slewing jibs are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

EOT Cranes

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High load capacities combined with wide spans

Double-Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

Demag double-girder overhead travelling cranes offer you exceptional load capacity for a low deadweight. They are also characterised by their outstanding crane geometry, ensuring extremely favourable travel characteristics and therefore minimising wear. The particularly large lifting height is derived from the fact that the load hook can be raised between the two crane girders. Optional maintenance platforms and accessible crabs not only make it easier for you to maintain the crane, but also ensure that your hall fittings such as lamps, heating elements or supply lines can be quickly and easily reached.

  • High quality thanks to proven crane components
  • Particularly high performance thanks to the double-girder design which enables high long and cross-travel speeds to be achieved
  • Low deadweight reduces investment layout
  • Possible fittings: Optional maintenance platform for maintenance of your building fittings and operation of the crane by means of cabin or radio control

Process Cranes

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Workplace cranes for loads up to 10000 Kg

Special production processes require specific solutions. You need a crane solution from a partner who knows your industry well. From a leading supplier who fully understands the process and the industrial environment.

Demag cranes, designed and built as "purpose-built production facilities for customer processes", will satisfy your expectations in full.

Process reliability

Ensuring safe production processes is essential to us. You invest in a process crane that is subjected to high loads, day in, day out, and you demand maximum availability and reliability. With our wide range of accessories and auxiliary equipment, we adapt our process cranes to the individual requirements of your application.

Reliable processes, efficient tailored solutions and an experienced, committed partner - these are good reasons to decide in favour of a process crane from Demag.

Focal applications
  • Aviation industry
  • Paper industry
  • Process integration
  • Recycling
  • Steel handling
  • Steel production


Wheel Blocks

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Versatile and for high performance

DRS Wheel Block Systems

The DRS wheel block system was designed for a wide variety of applications. We offer a wide range of models that meet your needs. Demag components are proven products and feature high-quality material, efficiency, flexible applications and sophisticated extension possibilities.


Versatile wheel block system with optimum performance ratios for a maximum load capacity from 2,75 t to 40 t with compact dimensions. Finely graded sizes (DRS 112 to DRS 500) accommodate your need for a design to meet your application requirements.

Offset and angular geared motors from the Demag modular system are available for models with individual or central drive units.

  • Simple connection to the support structures
  • Spheroidal-graphite cast iron travel wheel diameter: High performance range, maximum load capacity
  • Starting and braking characteristics to protect the track
  • Laser alignment system for wheel blocks on multiple travel units
  • Special stiffeners for high rigidity
  • High-quality housing with optimum protection of the travel wheels and ball bearings
  • Technical innovation for detail superiority
  • High ground clearance
  • Geared motors and drives: Geared motors
  • Geared motors and drives: Motors / brake motors
  • Geared motors and drives: Microspeed units
  • Frequency inverters: Dedrive Compact
  • Frequency inverters: Dedrive Pro

Geared Motors

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The right solution tailored for every drive application

Whether it is a question of motors, gearboxes, brakes, couplings or flanges – we are the geared motor experts. A quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years guarantees maximum precision and outstanding reliability. Our customers appreciate that we supply everything from one source. Our components are perfectly matched and cover every conceivable application to meet your needs.

The Demag geared motor range is of modular design and mainly comprises:

  • Helical geared motors
  • Angular geared motors
  • Offset geared motors

You have a choice of

  • Basic cylindrical-rotor motors
  • Cylindrical-rotor brake motors
  • Conical-rotor brake motors
The right solution tailored for every drive application

The standard designs already offer you an exceptional range of possibilities. In addition, there are many optional features which can be used to extend them to meet your specific needs. You benefit from different possible mounting arrangements for every gearbox type. Furthermore, we also offer special lubricants in addition to PTC thermistors and rotary encoders.

From basic motors to maximum brake torques

Our range offers the ideal brake torque for your application - from "basic" to maximum brake performance, as provided by our conical-rotor brake motors. For cylindrical-rotor brake motors, you can choose between brake springs of various strengths and various brake sizes which can be specified for finely graded brake torques.

Microspeed Units

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Microspeed units differ from drives with speed stages and variable-speed drive systems. They are a combination of two or more brake motors linked by a mechanical gearbox. [The brake of the main motor is designed as a friction coupling, the brake of the creep speed motor acts either direct or via the gearbox of the complete drive.] A number of speeds or whole ranges of speeds can be achieved by using pole-changing, slip-ring or DC motors and even further microspeed motors.

  • Large speed ratios of up to 500 : 1 are possible.
  • Precise stopping with creep speed motor for rapid positioning. High repeat positioning accuracy.
  • Higher switching frequency compared to pole-changing motors.
  • Creep speed constant and virtually independent of the load.
EG integral pulse generator

When the rotor rotates, two sensors trace a multi-pole magnet ring fixed to the rotor shaft. Depending on the application, the signals generated can be used to provide information and for monitoring and switching contacts by means of an evaluator unit.